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Achieve Your Next Goal by Prepping Effectively

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Did you know that ONLY 8.1% of people actually reach their goals? This means that 91% of people fail when starting a new goal. If you are reading this course description, then I am sure at one time or another you have started a new goal only to see it fail. Well no matter what your goal  is - whether you are trying to lose weight, learning to meditate, trying to practice mindfulness daily, trying to stop smoking or drinking, launching a new business, etc., there are common hindrances that stop most people from reaching this goal. The purpose of this course is to walk you through a step by step prepping plan that will set you up for success. It is time you joined the 8.1% of people who actually reach their goals and this course will show you just how to do it!

 Course Outcomes:

  • Understand why you have failed in the past
  • See why prepping is important
  • Understand the 4 steps of prepping
  • Learn how to triage your goals
  • Understand the benefits of delayed gratification and self regulation
  • Create a step by step blueprint to meet your goal

How This Course Works:

This is an online course designed to be completed at your own pace. There are a total of 5 modules in which the material will be presented to you primarily through audio files so you can listen to the material anywhere. In addition, you will be provided with blueprints or worksheets that will help you start to create your own plan for meeting your goal. 

This course is launching in December 2019 just in time for the New Year. You can preorder your course today at a discounted price of $35. If you have any questions, contact us at