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Live 30-Minute Virtual Meditation

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Covid-19 has many companies adjusting to working remote. In addition to this adjustment, their employees are also dealing with the added stressors and anxieties that come with the pandemic. Therefore, in times like these while we have to practice social distancing, it is still essential that we find ways to make mental health and stress relief a priority.

Our 30-minute live virtual meditation is designed to give your team the break and relaxation they need in the comfort of their own home. Taking moments to meditate and relax can help your team reset and improve productivity and overall happiness. If your team is in need of a relaxing and rejuvenating break, this workshop is perfect for you.

Pricing: $35 per team member with a minimum of 10 participants. Note that our meditations are not limited to 20 people. We ask that groups of 20+ reach out to us directly at 

Schedule meditations in bundles and receive the following discounts, reach out to us at to claim this offer:

  • 4 sessions, one per week for $27 per employee
  • 8 sessions twice per week for $24 per employee
  • 12 sessions three per week for $21 per employee
  • 20 sessions five per week for $18 per employee