Should Employees Exercise at Work?

Movement and exercise are one of the most important preventative health measures today. Simply moving your body once an hour can have an extraordinary impact on your physical and mental health such as improve focus, reduce stress, and reduce joint stiffness. But, even with these benefits, did you know that most employees feel embarrassed about exercising or doing movement at work? This begs the question why don’t we take the time to move our bodies when we know the positive impacts are monumental?

Most people are not exercising or taking time to move at work because they are embarrassed, according to Harvard Business Review. Think about it this way, you are at your desk squatting and bending, twisting and at times grunting or for some of us going through uncomfortable movement patterns, and suddenly you can feel the piercing eyes of several of your colleagues starring at you and at times judging you. You start to wonder did I do something wrong, do I look silly, or are they making fun of my body? Those feelings  and emotions will in turn reduce the likelihood of a person moving or exercising at their desk. 

Not only is this lack of movement taking a toll on people’s individual health, but it is also impacting the bottom line of businesses. A lack a movement or exercise leads to chronic disease, muscle and joint pain. And employees that are dealing with these ailments take an average number of 10 sick days a year*. This costs businesses on average of $1,840 per year per employee. If the business has 100 employees that are dealing with such ailments, that is a cost of $184,640 annually. The easy solution to decrease this cost and increase the bottom line is for employees to move and exercise.

Instead of feeling embarrassed about moving, what if every employee could easily exercise at their desk in under three minutes without being spotted? This is where we come in. At R.E.S.S.E.T Studio, we have designed a workshop that can teach your employees how to exercise at their desk without making a scene and in less than 3 minutes. The best thing about these exercises is that they are research-backed to decrease stress and improve attention deficit traits (ADT) , focus, productivity and overall wellbeing. This one-hour workshop can reshape your organization’s outlook on movement and improve your bottom line. To learn more about this workshop, contact us today at or free consultation here.

* According to Endeavor Business Media

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